What Book Writers/Novelist suggest for an interestingly successful academic essay writing?

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November 24, 2017

What Book Writers/Novelist suggest for an interestingly successful academic essay writing?

We are familiar with the most successful authors today, but there is an ignored fact about many of them who were not successful academic essayist amid college/university days. Idiosyncratic learning comes around throughout the life at every academic & corporate stage. Writing is considered as a skill with some hidden talents, blessed naturally. Individuals have improvised it by practice with time and have embossed their names among the great writers of the old times. These writers were the most influential personalities with the most important literature of all time. The pen of a writer is a sword which cuts and shapes the events of human history, reflecting cultures in a piece of writing and invigorate to make it stand for the centuries that has not yet arrived.

So the most important question is, “How do they do it”?


Well reading always enhance the thoughts and allow to pick up the gems of different writing styles. Selection of the genre that you write and reading the same genre by other authors gives a strength to write more relevantly with in the same genre. Reading other genres is a plus, if a writer is interested in reading a different genre and capable of picking the key elements to include it in a genre of its own; would be a mastery to writing.

Constructing ideas?

Every book/novel/story comes up with a unique idea which becomes the only reason to keep it apart from the others existing work available as a choice of buying.


Protagnism is all about going out of the box, giving room to the self-inventiveness. Imagination and visualisation of the created protagonist is all based on the creativity inside.

Appropriate Language?

It is really important to understand the use of language while writing. Words used while writing are the darts on hand to hit the bull’s eyes.

Building up the idea and readers interest?

When it’s about novel writing, it is very important to create the atmosphere throughout, which initially is created to introduce the lead characters. It allows the writer to stick to the central idea and indulge the reader.


The key points shared by the recent writers, doing commendable writings for the enthusiast readers all over the world. “Academic essay writing is also a piece of writing which requires to understand the basics of the writing”. As an addition, essay writing can be improved by continuous learning and implication through working on it and knowing the experts opinion on essay writings and academic essay writings.


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