Tips To Comfort Your Story Writing

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April 1, 2018

Tips To Comfort Your Story Writing

Well it’s an old cliché, to outline your thoughts before you get in to writing a story. Being a writer, one should be free and relaxed from every rule while writing your first draft. Learn the rules and learn to break the rules. Editing and Proofreading is a process that needs to be brought under consideration at every stage of the writing. So, how do we start?

Start writing your mind, thoughts and ideas. An intro to the story can be written in many ways. You can get in to the main idea directly which most writers do or you can take a start by getting yourself in to a flashback to create a ground before you get in to the central idea.

Your reader is always expecting something unpredictable in your writing. Most writers connect with the audience by writing exactly what the readers might be expecting after reading the previous parts. Different strategies are adapted while writing different genres. When it’s about suspense the writer would love to deliver something much unexpected which clinks the reader for the moment and successfully creates more suspense in the story. Reading more of the other writers work can help to enhance and learn more strategies in writing the perfect line at the suitable stage of the story.

Creating interesting protagonist, grooming them with in the story helps the audience to connect with your story characters. More realistic approach is needed for doing characters even when it comes to fiction.


  • Write the draft
  • Develop your protagonist
  • Stick to the genre
  • Use good language
  • Write interesting dialogues
  • Get help from Professional Experts for Editing and Proofreading

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